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Peace of mind

6 Months Warranty


Send us a photo or video of the problem so we can see what happened


Send us copy of purchase documents, overall bike photos, owner ID


For small parts we don’t require the defective part back and we pay the shipping


Warranty covers only parts and is not transferable to subsequent owners

Wear and tear

Warranty does not cover wear and tear items


Crash damages are not covered by warranty


Problems arisen from faulty assembly are not covered by Warranty


We can cancel the order until it’s DISPATCHED but after that sales are final

Bikes come 95% assembled, only require handlebar fitting and minor assembly, however it is still crucial to use due care when doing it. We strongly recommend to never use power tools but only hand tools, and check bolt serration regularly as sometimes fuel, soap or other lubricants can loosen bolts and nuts.

After assembly is complete always check gear oil levels before first use.

Perth Pit Bikes is a registered motorbikes dealership in Perth – Western Australia License number MD29082 registered with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety of W.A.