Bridging the gap and simplifying the transition from a balance bike to a motorcycle. Light and fun they teach the first steps of balance and throttle control. The Tiny-eMX 16 PRO can be used in skate parks, MTB and BMX trails, sidewalks, parks and even you courtyard.


Seat height 460 to 530 mm

3 speeds: ECO – CITY – RACE Top Speed 20 Km/h

Throttle control is half twist, meaning it’s protected from hitting the ground when the child drops the bike

TWO 6ah 24v batteries 🔋🔋, ride one and charge the other for endless ride time.

250W Mid drive motor

BMX freewheel allows the bike to be used as push balance bike and save power going downhill

Drum rear brake with cutoff switch

Included in box: Charger and Toolkit