The 65 PRO is the top of range of the MiniMX.

The formula is the same of the smaller bikes: single gear, automatic. So the rider can focus on carrying speed around corners and riding better lines rather than having to worry about gears.

This is the ideal bike for the 9-11 year old kid that is too big for the 50 Senior but still too small or lacks the expertise to jump on the 85.

The suspensions are stiffer and longer than the 50cc, and fully adjustable in compression and rebound.

Please note this bike is available in BLUE and GREEN only


65cc Water Cooled 2 Stroke engine

Single Gear, Centrifugal Clutch

Seat Height 780-800mm

60/100-14″ Front Tyre

70/100-12″ Rear Tyre

Front and Rear Hydraulic Pit Bike Disk Brakes

CDI injection